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Tin galvanic coatings

Tin galvanic coatings Galmex – Bialystok | PolandTinning, also called bleaching, is widely used in the food industry, electrical engineering, electronics and energy sector. Our coatings made of pure tin (99.99% Sn), are characterized by perfect solderability.

Tinning is used mainly for covering of:

  • soldering tips,
  • contacts and contact rails used in electrical engineering,
  • household items,
  • machinery in the food industry.

Positive characteristics of the use of zinc coatings:

  • perfect solderability (e.g. when covering cooper wires),
  • very good contacting and conductivity,
  • securing contact surfaces against oxidation,
  • protection against the effects of sulfur in the gumming process,
  • partial nitriding of steel,
  • harmless impact on the human body (e.g. when covering items that come into contact with food),
  • high plasticity and low melting temperature,
  • providing increased slippage.