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Galmex provides services related to mechanical machining. We offer material machining by turning - using CNC machines, conventional lathes and conventional milling machines, as well as the milling method using CNC machines and conventional milling machines.


Galvanic coatings

Tin galvanization enables cover coatings of different thicknesses. It is possible to cover even small elements of an unusual shape. Since tin does not produce toxic compounds, this kind of galvanization is widely used in the food industry, as well as other food-related sectors.


Laser cutting

When you require high precision machining and maintenance of the desired shape and the perfect size of the element, we use the laser beam. Our modern machine facilities provides the highest quality laser cutting.

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Welding positioner BY100

Our machinery park was equipped with the welding positioner BY – a universal auxiliary device used in simple and partially automated technological processes. It is particularly useful for welding of cylindrical elements, such as pipes, tanks, etc. It allows for secure, precise and fast welding in the optimum position. Welding…  More »

Obrotnik spawalniczy BY-100

Press brake Ermaksan

In April, we installed a new press brake Ermaksan Speed Bend 3000 175t. The company Ermaksan is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial machinery, such as press brakes, plasma burners, plasma cutters and fiber lasers. The company was established in 1965 and is constantly growing, marketing new interesting innovations…  More »

Prasa krawędziowa Ermaksan


Laser cutting is one of the most modern metalworking techniques. It is indispensable in the production of complex shapes and high precision cutting. It provides significant savings of materials and short time of cutting, as well as leaves a smooth surface. We can obtain any quantity of a perfectly re-produced element and timeliness of the order. Learn the possibilities offered by the laser.

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